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Since 1987, students in the Division of Organ and Church Music have also been privileged to play a 22-stop Andover tracker at the Saint Lawrence Catholic Campus Center for both practice and performance.


The University owns seven mechanical action practice organs. These include:

  1. A two-manual, 7-stop mechanical action organ by Paul Fritz
  2. A two-manual 3-stop practice organ by Dirk Flentrop
  3. A two-manual, 3-stop practice organ by Juget-Sinclair
  4. A two-manual, 7-stop mechanical action organ by Casavant located in an organ teaching studio in Murphy Hall. This facility also serves as the primary classroom for organ and church music courses.
  5. A two-manual, 3-stop mechanical action instrument made by Dan Jaeckel
  6. Two 7-stop, three manual practice organs built by Dan Jaeckel

KU also owns a 4 - stop mechanical action portative organ made by Casavant.



HarpsicordThe University owns a French double harpsichord by Willard Martin, a Flemish double by Oliver Finney, and an Italian single by Owen Daly. Michael Bauer teaches harpsichord to KU organ and church music students.

Recording Equipment

The Bales Recital Hall contains recording equipment for the production of professional recordings. This equipment is available for use by all organ and church music students at any time. They can record their lessons and practice, audition or competition recordings, and professional CD's.

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