Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) Degree Requirement Check Sheet

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120-129 hours total including 45 Jr/Sr (courses numbered 300 and above) required for graduation.

PLT Exam 160 minimum score, Praxis II Music Exam 152 minimum score required for licensure not graduation.

Effective October 2021

Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) Degree Check Sheet

KU Core (not fulfilled by Music courses) (28 credits)

3Goal 2 Outcome 1 (GE21): English (ENGL 101) 1,2
3Goal 2 Outcome 1 (GE21): English (ENGL 102 or other approved options: ENGL 105, 203, 205, 209, 210, 211) 1,2 
3Goal 1 Outcome 2 (GE12): Math (MATH 101) 1,2
3Goal 3N (GE3N): Natural Science (BIOL 100 Lecture)
1Goal 3N (GE3N): Natural Science (BIOL 200 Lab)
3Goal 3S (GE3S): Social Science (PSYC 104)
3Goal 5 (AE51 or AE52): Social Responsibility & Ethics (PHIL 160 recommended)
3CLAS Elective (SOC/ANTH (S) recommended)
3CLAS Elective
3CLAS Elective

Music Theory/Composition (16 credits)

3MTHC 105 Theory I (Fall only)
1MTHC 106 Aural Skills I (Fall only)
 Fulfills Goal 1 Outcome 1 (GE11):
3MTHC 115 Theory II (Spring only)
1MTHC 116 Aural Skills II (Spring only)
4MTHC 205 Theory III (Fall only)
4MTHC 315 Theory IV (Spring only)1

Musicology (12 credits)

 Fulfills Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42):
3MUSC 320 Music History I (Fall only)
 Fulfills Goal 3H Arts & Humanities (GE3H):
3MUSC 340 Music History II (Spring only)
3MUSC 440 Music History III (Fall only)
 Fulfills Goal 4 Outcome 1 (AE41):
3MUSC 480 Music History IV (Spring only)

Piano Skills (2-5 credits)

 Zero if placement out of PIAN 288 or PIAN 310
 Students with no prior piano experience should take PIAN 144-288.
1PIAN 144 (If needed, 1 credit hour, remedial)
1PIAN 148
2PIAN 2841,2
2PIAN 288
 Students with major performance medium of Piano or Organ will only take PIAN 310.
2PIAN 310 (see above)

Ensembles (7 semesters) (7 credits)

 Major Auditioned Ensembles
 Winds & Percussion: 1 semester Marching Band required
 Vocal: 6 semesters major ensemble & 1 semester small ensemble, as per ME UG Handbook

Applied Music Lessons (7 semesters) (14 credits)

 Minimum of B- for all lessons
 Fulfills Goal 6 Integrate knowledge/capstone (AE61):
2422 (Applied Lessons with Senior Recital)

REC 100 (2 semesters) (0 credits)

0REC 100
0REC 100

Performance Techniques (5 credits)

1MEMT 113 Brass1,2
1MEMT 114 Woodwinds I1,2
1MEMT 115 Percussion1,2
1MEMT 118 Strings1,2
1MEMT 408 Vocal Pedagogy2

Conducting/Rehearsal (8 credits)

1MEMT 230 Performance Clinic: Band1,2
1MEMT 231 Performance Clinic: Choral1,2
1MEMT 232 Performance Clinic: Orchestra1,2
1MEMT 246 Conducting1,2
 MEMT 330, 331, & 332 fulfill Goal 2 Outcome 2 (GE22):
1MEMT 330 Rehearsal/Conducting Clinic: Band2
1MEMT 331 Rehearsal/Conducting Clinic: Choral2
1MEMT 332 Rehearsal/Conducting Clinic: Orchestra2
 Only one of three below required:
1MEMT 350 Advanced Rehearsal/Conducting Clinic: Band2
1MEMT 351 Advanced Rehearsal/Conducting Clinic: Choral2
1MEMT 352 Advanced Rehearsal/Conducting Clinic: Orchestra2

Music Education Professional (20 credits)

1MEMT 160 Principles of Music Education1,2
2MEMT 250 Human Musical Learning and Development1,2
3SPED 326 Teaching Exceptional Children & Youth in General Education2
1C&T 359 Literacy in the Content Areas2
2MEMT 407 Exceptional Children in Music Education2
3MEMT 420 Teaching Elementary & Secondary General Music2
2MEMT 450 Teaching Choral Music2
2MEMT 451 Teaching Instrumental Music2
3MEMT 455 Psychology of Music2
 Only one of four below required
1MEMT 421 Advanced General Music Teaching (General only)2
1MEMT 431 Choral Diction for Music Educators (Choral only)2
1MEMT 432 Approaches to String Pedagogy (Strings only)2
1MEMT 435 Marching Band Techniques (Winds & Percussion only)2

Electives (TBD w/ Advisor) Choose two (2 credits)

1MEMT 117 Voice2 (Fall only)
1MEMT 119 Guitar2 (Fall only)
1MEMT 314 Performance Media: Woodwinds II2 (Fall only)
1MEMT 338 Rehearsal/Conducting Clinic Non-Traditional Ensemble2 (Spring only)
1MEMT 419 Tech in Music Ed2 (Spring only)
1MEMT 433 Jazz Techniques2 (Spring only)
 Any above courses not required can be taken as an elective credit

Student Teaching/Internship (G5) (6-12 credits)

2-4MEMT 4982
4-8MEMT 4992

1 Course Criteria for Admission to Professional Sequence

2 Requires minimum of C