Bachelor of Music Education

Students playing buckets

The Bachelor of Music Education (BME) is a comprehensive 4-year undergraduate degree program offered through Music Education that prepares choral, general music, band, and string educators to assume teaching positions in state, national, and international school music programs. Students completing the 4-year BME degree also satisfy requirements for Kansas PreK-12 Teaching Licensure.

The BME consists of a rich experiences in general studies, music performance, human development, and music teaching methods. Experiences are led by faculty scholars and artists who, through exploration and implementation of research-based best practices, develop teacher candidates into informed and effective music educators. A strong emphasis is placed on actual teaching experiences through conducting/rehearsal clinics, area-specific (i.e., elementary, vocal, and instrumental) methods, as well as coursework in musical development, music psychology and the instruction of music learners with special needs.

All students applying for School of Music undergraduate degrees (B.A., B.F.A., B.M., B.M.E. & music minor) must audition on an approved instrument.