Master of Music (MM) in Composition

The Master of Music (MM) degree in Composition requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate-level coursework, distributed into the categories listed below. Selections must be approved by your master's committee.


A list of all course offerings can be found on the Schedule of Classes. To track progress, please download the degree progress check-sheet (.pdf).

Master of Music (MM): Composition Program Guide


Must be cleared in accordance with school and area policies

Music History

 Medieval: Exam / MUSC 474
 Renaissance: Exam / MUSC 475
 Baroque: Exam / MUSC 476
 Classical: Exam / MUSC 477
 Romantic: Exam / MUSC 478
 20th Century: Exam / MUSC 479

Music Theory

 Harmony: Exam / MTHC 400
 Aural Skills: Exam / MTHC 402
 Form: Exam / MTHC 404
 20th Century: Exam / MTHC 406

Music Core

Research Skills (3 hours)

Waiver or equivalent course accepted with approval

MUSC 8013  

Musicology and Theory (12 hours)


Major Area

Advanced Composition (9 hours)

 MTHC 853   
 MTHC 853   
 MTHC 853   
 MTHC 853   
 MTHC 853   

Master's Recital (1 hour)

MTHC 8981  

Thesis (5 hours)

Must consist of either a 20-minute work for a large ensemble or 30-minute chamber work, either of which may include electronic media.

MTHC 899   
MTHC 899   

University-Level Exams

Exam Authorization forms should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the exam date

Final Oral Exam  

Graduate Advisory Committee

Minimum of 3 faculty members for master's committee

Graduate Advisory Committee

Graduation Requirements

CompletedCourse Requirements
 30 Total Graduate Credit Hours
 3.0 Cumulative Graduate GPA
 Applied for Graduation in Enroll & Pay
 Complete Exam Authorization Form (.pdf) (at least two weeks prior to exam date)
 Submit thesis to ProQuest/KU Scholar Works for publication
 Submit ETD release form to
 Send signed Title & Acceptance pages to
 Verify all recital programs are on file at