Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education (PhD-ME) Degree Program

The Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education (PHD-ME) degree emphasizes research, scholarship, and teaching. It is a program both demanding and rewarding for those well-qualified students interested in pursuing the highest level of academic and music pedagogy study. The Doctor of Philosophy student focuses on research and scholarship in an area of interest within the scope of music education. Course requirements for the doctoral degree are flexible. Each student's program is planned specifically in light of his or her background to meet the demands of the anticipated academic professional career. Doctoral students in Music Education complete three research projects in preparation for publication as a means of developing a scholarly area of expertise. The program culminates with the completion of a substantial piece of original research in the form of a dissertation or three additional research articles. The doctoral program typically consists of three years of study in which two consecutive semesters must be spent in residency at The University of Kansas in Lawrence. Areas of emphasis, curricula, examinations, and regulations and procedures are described in the MEMT Ph.D. Handbook under degree requirements

A list of all course offerings can be found on the Schedule of Classes. To track progress, please download the degree progress check-sheet (.pdf).

Contact Information

Area Coordinator: Jacob Dakon,, 785-864-4518

Graduate Student Academic Services:

Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education (PhD-ME): Program Guide

Research in MEMT (3 hours)

CheckResearch Skills
 MEMT 812: Rsch in Music Ed&Music Therapy
 Waiver or Alternative Course

Core Courses in MEMT (5 hours)

 MEMT 920: Doc Sem Musc Educ&Musc Thrpy
 MEMT 920: Doc Sem Musc Educ&Musc Thrpy
 MEMT 996: Practicum in College Teaching

Doctoral Projects

 Project 1
 Project 2
 Project 3

Graduate Courses

*Electives can be in music, MEMT, or non-music courses at 600-level or above 


Academic Minor (12 hours)


Doctoral Dissertation (18 hours)

 MEMT 999
 MEMT 999
 MEMT 999
 MEMT 999
 MEMT 999

University-Level Exams

 Comprehensive Oral Examination
 Final Oral Examination / Dissertation Defense

Exam Committee Composition

 Chair (MEMT)
 Grad Fac Member
 Grad. Studies Rep.

Graduation Checklist

 3.0 cumulative graduate GPA
 Complete minimum required credit hours
 Apply for graduation in Enroll & Pay
 Pass final exam or defense (submit exam authorization form (.pdf) at least 2 weeks prior to exam)
 Complete the Doctoral Completion Survey & send Certificate of Completion to
 Send signed title and acceptance pages to
 Submit ETD Release Form to Graduate Academic Services Coordinator
 Submit thesis to ProQuest/UMI for publication per KU Graduate Studies: Submitting