Music Minor

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Become a Music Minor at KU

The music minor is an excellent opportunity to supplement your major field of study with a broad view of music. The 24 credit hour minor requires courses in applied lessons, performance, and academic courses. The music minor can be easily added on to a major and will enrich your education at KU.

How Do I Become a Music Minor?

Step 1: Students MUST audition to be accepted as a music minor. The most popular time is at the end of a semester of private study. Entering students may audition during the spring formal Audition Days. Audition dates and information are available in the School of Music Student Services Office or on the Audition Requirements page. If you have additional questions about auditions, contact the KU School of Music Recruiter. For questions regarding the minor, please email the Music Student Services Office or call 785-864-2954.

Step 2: After you pass the audition, submit a Change in Plan form to request adding the Minor in Music. Contact the School of Music Student Services Office in 450 Murphy Hall or email

Step 3: Course Requirements: The minor requires completion of twenty-four (24) total credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in these classes. Twelve (12) credits must be numbered 300 and above (9 elective credits plus MUSC 336).

  • You must enroll in four (4) consecutive semesters of applied lessons. You take a half hour lesson at the 100 level for 1 credit. To enroll in lessons, you will need to obtain a permission number from your instructor. (4 credits)
  • Music Theory I (MTHC 105) with Aural Skills I (MTHC 106), and Music Theory II (MTHC 115) with Aural Skills II (MTHC 116). (8 credits)
  • MUSC 336 Understanding Music. (3 credits)
  • Nine (9) credits at the 300 level or above are to be chosen from applied lessons, ensembles, and/or music classes. (9 credits)

When Can I Begin the Music Minor Program?

Before declaring a minor, most students prefer to take music lessons and participate in ensembles to try music with their major. You must have passed an audition to be able to begin the minor. Because some junior/senior hours are required, you need to plan your courses accordingly during your four years. While you do not have to decide in your first year, it is best to make your decision about adding the minor early on during your time at KU.

All students applying for School of Music undergraduate degrees (B.A., B.F.A., B.M., B.M.E. & music minor) must audition on an approved instrument or voice.

Music Minor Requirements

Minor in Music (24 credits)

3MTHC 105 Theory I (Fall semester only)
1MTHC 106 Aural Skills I (Fall semester only)
3MTHC 115 Theory II (Spring semester only)
1MTHC 116 Aural Skills II (Spring semester only)
4Applied lessons (4 semesters at the 100 level, 1 credit hour per semester)
3MUSC 336 Understanding Music
99 credit hours to be chosen from lessons (300-level lessons are junior/senior classes), ensembles, and/or music classes at the 300 level or above