Master of Music Education in Music Education or Music Therapy

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Master of Music Education Program Information

The Master of Music Education (MME) degree with a major in either Music Education or Music Therapy requires a minimum of 30-credits and is designed to further the student's knowledge, practice and experience in these respective areas of study.

The Music Education and Music Therapy (MEMT) graduate programs include advanced professional and scholarly study for music educators and music therapists, licensure/certification programs for those with baccalaureate degrees in other fields who plan to enter the music education or music therapy professions (these initial licensure/certification programs typically also require collateral undergraduate study), and advanced study for individuals in related disciplines. Areas of emphasis, curricula, examinations, and regulations and procedures are described in the MEMT Master's Handbook under degree requirements (update link).

Students will study with faculty members who are nationally and internationally recognized in their fields. The resulting degree ends with either a comprehensive exam for a non-thesis terminal degree or a thesis for those expecting to pursue doctoral work.

With the MME degree, Music Educators teach at the junior college, secondary, or elementary level, and/or pursue research. Music Therapists may engage in clinical practice, and/or pursue research. The MME degree with thesis typically is a pre-requisite to undertake PhD studies in music education and music therapy.

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Degree Requirements