Master of Music (MM) in Musicology

The Master of Music (MM) degree in Musicology requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate-level coursework, distributed into the categories listed below. Selections must be approved by your master's committee.


A list of all course offerings can be found on the Schedule of Classes. To track progress, please download the degree progress check-sheet (.pdf).

Master of Music (MM): Musicology Program Guide


Must be cleared in accordance with school and area policies

Music History

 Medieval : Exam / MUSC 474
 Renaissance : Exam / MUSC 475
 Baroque : Exam / MUSC 476
 Classical : Exam / MUSC 477
 Romantic : Exam / MUSC 478
 20th Century : Exam / MUSC 479

Music Theory

 Harmony : Exam / MTHC 400
 Aural Skills : Exam / MTHC 402
 Form : Exam / MTHC 404
 20th Century : Exam / MTHC 406

Music Core

Research Skills (3 hours)

Waiver or equivalent course accepted with approval

MUSC 8013  

Major Area

Advanced Musicology (12 hours)

At least 9 hrs must be 700-level or above. Must include MUSC 940.

 MUSC 9403  

Thesis (5 hours)

Must consist of either a 20-minute work for large ensemble or a 30-minute chamber work, either of which may include electronic media.

MUSC 899   
MUSC 899   

Advanced Music Theory (3 hours)


Electives (6 hours)


University-Level Exams

Exam Authorization forms should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the exam date

Final Oral Exam  

Graduate Advisory Committee

Minimum of 3 faculty members for master's committee

Graduate Advisory Committee

Graduation Requirements

CompletedCourse Requirements
 30 Total Graduate Credit Hours
 3.0 Cumulative Graduate GPA
 Applied for Graduation in Enroll & Pay
 Complete Exam Authorization Form (.pdf) (at least two weeks prior to exam date)
 Submit thesis to ProQuest/KU Scholar Works for publication
 Submit ETD release form to
 Send signed Title & Acceptance pages to
 Verify all recital programs are on file at