Use of Faculty Office for Non-University Purposes Policy


To define office facility usage. 

Applies To:

All faculty, lecturers, GTA's and administrators in the School of Music



Policy Statement:

Use of Faculty Office for Non-University Purposes 
Policy and Procedures 

Provisions in the KU policy for University Facilities, Use by External Organizations or Entities, Policy, and Procedures articulate considerations by which campus facilities may be used for non-University purposes. The policy states that such use of facilities be "(l) ... related to the fulfillment of the institution's instructional, research, or public service missions, and (2) that the institutions do not inappropriately or unreasonably compete with private enterprise." This includes faculty members using their offices/studios to teach private lessons for a fee to individuals who are not KU students. 

KU Policy requires the School of Music to charge a lease fee to faculty using space in Murphy Hall, including their offices/studios, for the purpose of providing instructional services for a fee to individuals not enrolled at the University. Any payment for services will be strictly between the faculty member and the student. Faculty members choosing to use their offices/studios for this purpose should register with the dean's office in advance of beginning such activity (Use of Faculty Office for External Purposes Form). Faculty will be responsible for paying a facilities lease fee of $4 per hour ($2 per half 
hour) at the end of the fall, spring, and summer terms (Use External Private Lesson Report Form). Failure to comply with this policy places faculty members in violation of University Policy, subject to appropriate sanction. 

Submit request electronically to the Dean.


Robert Walzel, Dean


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Dean, School of Music

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Annual (As Needed)


Office Facility Usage

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4/13/2015: Added contact information, approved on/effective on dates, approved by information, related policy, and categories. Published to Policy Library.


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