Bales 25th Anniversary

Growing Together: 25th Anniversary of the Bales Organ Recital Hall

Oct. 7-9, 2021

Sponsored by the University of Kansas Organ and Church Music Alumni Association and the KU School of Music

Featuring Olivier Latry, the William T. Kemper Artist-in-Residence at KU and KU Organ and Church Music Alumni

Important Note: Olivier Latry’s participation in this conference is subject to his availability given covid restrictions in France and America at the time of the conference.

More About the Conference

Since the summer of 2020, a group of KU organ and church music alumni have been planning this inaugural event of the KU Organ and Church Music Alumni Association. Olivier Latry, the William T. Kemper Artist-in-Residence at KU will perform the 25th Anniversary Recital and teach a master-class to KU students. The remainder of the three-day event will be led by KU organ and church music alumni. For further details, please see the attached conference schedule.

Conference Schedule

(BRH - Bales Recital Hall)

(LCP – Lied Center Pavilion)

(KUOCMAA – KU Organ and Church Music Alumni Association)

Thursday, October 7

12:00 Registration: LCP

1:00 Welcome: Chelsea Vaught, James Higdon, Michael Bauer - BRH

1:15 Masterclass with Olivier Latry: current KU students performing

2:30 Break

3:00 Alumni Organ Projects I - LCP

            Kevin Vogt, Elisa Bickers, Jared Ostermann, Charles Barland, Roseann Penner Kaufman

4:15 Break

4:45 Alumni Pedagogy Panel: Charles Barland, moderator - LCP

            Carrie Groenewold, S. Andrew Lloyd, Don Cook, Laura Ellis,

            Eileen Guenther, Mary Ellen SuttonWolfgang Reisinger

6:00 Dinner on your own

8:00 Olivier Latry, 25th Anniversary Recital

Friday, October 8

9:00 Masterclass with Laura Ellis, Don Cook, Wolfgang Reisinger; current KU students

            Performing - BRH

10:00 Break

10:30 Alumni Organ Projects II - LCP

            Matthew Geerlings, Don Cook, Katherine Schmitz, Ben Keseley (remote)

12:00 Luncheon - LCP

            KUOCMAA Meeting & Presentation of the Bales Distinguished Alumni Award

            Eileen Guenther

2:00 Alumni Recital

            S. Andrew Lloyd, Lynn Trapp, Elisa Bickers, Brian Mathias, Marie Rubis Bauer,

            Wolfgang Reisinger

3:45 Break

4:15 The BRH: The First Twenty-Five Years, Michael Bauer/James Higdon - LCP         

5:15 Break

5:30 Banquet

8:00 Alumni Recital: KU International Competition Winners: Tyler Boehmer, Robert Horton, Douglas O’Neill

Saturday, October 9

9:00 Church Music Panel, Kevin Vogt, moderator - LCP

            Lynn Trapp, Christopher Berry, Matthew Geerlings, Robert Horton, Brian Mathias,

            Cynthia Neufeld-Smith, Tom Lee, Laura Scow

10:15 Break

10:45 Alumni Book Authors - LCP

            David Pickering, Eileen Guenther, Tandy Reussner

12:15 Alumni Carillon Recital/Picnic lunch at the Campanile

            Laura Ellis, Chelsea Vaught, Don Cook, Elizabeth Berghout, Robert Hobgood