Graduate Choral Conducting Audition


A pre-screening audition video is required with your application materials. The audition video should include both rehearsal, and performance recordings, demonstrating the candidate’s conducting skills. The camera should be positioned so as to produce a face-on view of the conductor. Video submissions must be submitted to Acceptd. This is the only method of video submission we can accept.

Begin the application process.

Audition Panel

The audition panel will be comprised of some or all of the following individuals.

  • The Director of Choral Activities
  • The Associate Director of Choral Activities

On-Campus Audition

Once we have received and evaluated the required materials, including the submitted video(s), a determination will be made as to the candidates who will be invited to campus for auditions and interviews. The auditions and interviews may take place during the fall or spring semester. We will contact the candidates to inform them of the audition dates. The earlier we receive your materials, the earlier we can make this determination.

Audition Process

The conducting audition will last roughly ten to fifteen minutes. The candidate will be expected to conduct a single piece. Prior to the candidate’s arrival on campus, the Director of Choral Activities will assign the title for the audition. The candidate will conduct straight through the work (or movement), giving the audition panel an opportunity to see the candidate’s artistry and physical communication skills as a conductor. In this segment of the audition, the candidate may not coach the choir verbally. Following the first reading of the piece, the candidate will be expected to rehearse a single segment of the work. This will give the audition panel a chance to see the candidate’s approach to rehearsal. It is important that the candidate not choose a segment that is too long or that cannot be improved in the time available. The point of the exercise is to see the maximum improvement of the passage in the shortest amount of time. The candidate should keep rehearsing until informed that the time limit has been reached. The candidate will then be given some specific conducting challenges to determine his or her ability to respond to instructions. This phase is conducted with the choir so as to create the most adverse condition possible. The candidate’s ability to respond to instructions will be determined from this exercise.