Faculty & Staff Committee Lists

Member TypeMember Name / Term Limit
Keyboard/VoiceM. Bauer (25)
MEMT    D. Hanson-Abromeit (23) 
Orchestral Instruments    P. Stevens (23)
Instrumental/Vocal EnsemblesM. Smith (24)
Academic P. Laird (24)
Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)    C. Roust (ex-officio)
Member TypeMember Name
BandP. Popiel
Brass/PercussionM. Davidson
ChoralE. Garcia-Novelli
JazzD. Gailey
Music Education    J. Dakon
Music TherapyC. Colwell
MTHCA. Street
MusicologyM. Nedbal/P. Laird (S'23)
OrganJ. Higdon
Piano    S. Smith
StringsH. Collins/D. Colwell (S'23)
VoiceS. Markou
WoodwindsE. Stomberg/D. Velasco (S'23)
Member Name / Term Limit
D. Gailey (23)
F. Pierce (24)
S. Zelnick (24)
M. Nedbal (25)
J. Dakon (25)
D. Velasco (1st Alternative)
S.Leisring (2nd Alternative)
Member Name / Term Limit
I. Stoelzel (24)
R. Schwartz (24)
M. Grady (25)
D. Colwell (25)
P. Stevens (alternate)


M. Nedbal (2023)

Member TypeMember Name / Term Limit
MEMTS. Murphy (24)
Performance/EnsembleD. Colwell (23)
Performance/EnsembleB. Vayner (23)
Performance/EnsembleD. Velasco (23)
MUSC/MTHC S. Murphy (24)
Undergraduate Student Rep.T. Melville (22)
Undergraduate Student Rep.TBD


Member TypeMember Name / Term Limit
MEMTB. Matney (25) - Chair
MUSC/MTHC K. Wong (25) 
Performance/Ensemble J. Stephens (23)
Performance/Ensemble G. Mendez (24)
Performance/Ensemble G. Landman (24)
Graduate Student Rep.M. Shorman
Graduate Student Rep.V. Lok


B. Vayner (23)
R. Gumbel (23)
S. Um (24)
S. Markou (24)
Y. Chen (25)

S. Murphy (23)
F. Pierce (24)
P. Laird (25)

Member TypeMember Name
School Liaison to the Office of the ProvostM. Marco
MUSC Faculty H. Collins
MEMT FacultyJ. Kyakuwa
StaffS. Ash
StaffA. Paradis
Graduate Student RepresentativeE. Huang
Graduate Student RepresentativeM. Ehlert