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2023  dates:

Date 1: 6/11/2023 - 6/15/2023 (MS/HS Choir, MS/HS Orchestra, HS Jazz) Note: Orchestra is for strings only. 

Date 2: 6/18/2023 - 6/22/2023 (MS/HS Bands)

Thanks to the generous support of the Band of Angels program we will have limited scholarship opportunities available. 

A brief camp description: 

The 2023 Midwestern Music Camp, for both middle school and high school, will begin on Sundays-all campers (including commuters) check in from 10 to noon.

There will be placement auditions all afternoon, an information meeting and a dinner at Mrs. E’s dining hall that evening. The activities should wrap around 8:30 that evening.

For Monday-Wednesday, we go to an 8:30 am-5:00 pm day schedule for clinics, rehearsals and other instructional activities. Commuters will be picked up shortly after 5 pm each day and residents will transition back to Daisy Hill, have dinner at Mrs. E's and then each evening will have a guided activity, such as a game night, a movie and faculty concerts. Campers will be in their dorms around 9 pm and counselors are on duty all night. The culmination of the camp ends Thursday with an open-to-the-public performance in at the Lied Center starting around 1:00, ending around 3:00 pm. Campers will go home at that time. 

Please note: All registrants will receive a detailed information handbook in May that will also include schedules, health forms and audition information.


$650 residents

$425 commuters

$30 per Private Lesson (optional)

Payment options: if you are to receive a BOA Scholarship, a 2022 MMC Award or Sousa or All-State discount of $25, you will receive a code to enter at the end of the registration form. If you have note received a code, please email sash@ku.edu

We cannot wait to see you in June! Thank you for choosing Midwestern Music Camp.

If you have any questions, please email us at musiccamp@ku.edu or sash@ku.edu

Register for 2023 Camps- Now closed.

Week one registration closes on May 31st
Week two registration closes on June 7th

MMC Instrumental Faculty

Bassoon- Ryan Morris

Clarinet- Stephanie Zelnick

Conductor- Paul Popiel

Conductor- Avian Bear

Electives - Choir Mackenzie Beeton

Electives - Guitar Rebecca Townsend

Electives - Jazz Dan Gailey

Flute- Daniel Velasco

Harp- Erin Wood

Horn- Paul Stevens

Oboe- Wesley Boehm

Orch Conductor- Keith Dodson

Percussion- Tom Fabing

Percussion- Dylan Bassett

Percussion- Theo Musick

Saxophone- Vince Gnojek

Strings - Bass Jeff Harshbarger

Strings - Cello Hyerim Mapp

Strings - Viola Boris Vayner

Strings - Violin Manda Deegan

Trombone- Will Biggs

Trumpet- Steve Leisring

Tuba/Euph Josh Wescott

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A Midwestern Music Camper playing clarinet
Midwestern Music Campers playing horns