Music Production and Technology

a man sitting at an audio board

The Production and Technology concentration of the BA in Music offers students an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in music creation, entrepreneurship, and recording. It is designed with double majors in mind, so easily allows for a second major or minor outside music, allowing students to combine their interested without spending more than four years in college. We particularly suggest that students considering a second major or minor in the School of Professional Studies’s BAS in Professional Performance, in the School of Business, or in other creative fields.

More details on the curriculum are available in the KU Catalog.

Auditions are required for entry into the program. More information on auditions is available at

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  • Flexible curriculum tailored for students passionate about music production, technology, and entrepreneurship.
  • Diverse range of commercial genres: from singer/songwriter to video game production.
  • Designed as the ideal pathway for aspiring professionals in popular music.
  • Culminates in a comprehensive portfolio: including original songs, business plans, mixes, and collaborations.
  • Ideal for double majors in other music and creative fields, business, or professional performance.