Horn Studio

A number of seated horn players with the instruments in their laps

Welcome to the KU Horn Studio, where Toto is nowhere in sight, the University is perched atop high, majestic tree-covered hills, and (modest) skiing is but an hour away!

Here at the KU Horn Studio, which has currently around twenty students, we have a supportive yet challenging environment for horn players. The studio is dedicated not only to mastering the technical side of the instrument, but in finding and communicating your unique solo voice. If you are looking to win an orchestral or military band position, get into that elite graduate school or simply want to play and teach the horn better, this is the place for you!

Feel free to peruse the site, and if you have any questions or would like more information, don't hesitate to contact pstevens@ku.edu, or 785-864-4525. I would be delighted to respond!

Dr. Paul Stevens
Professor of Horn
University of Kansas

For more information contact: Paul Stevens


  • MIDI-based accompaniments

    These are great to practice to when you don't have an accompanist handy, plus with most MIDI software, you can vary the tempo, etc. to your own tastes

  • Horn Planet

    Professor Thomas Bacon's Horn Page is extremely well-done and offers a wealth of information to both the amateur and professional hornist