Concert Band Auditions

Auditions required for placement

Wind Ensemble

  • Fall Semester Rehearsals: MWF 1:00pm-2:50pm
  • Spring Semester: MWF 2:00pm-3:50pm

Symphonic Band

  • Fall Semester Rehearsals: TR 3:30pm-5:20pm
  • Spring Semester: MWF 2:00pm-3:50pm

Symphony Orchestra

  • Rehearsals: MTR 4:00pm-5:50pm

University Band, available with or without audition

  • Fall Semester Rehearsals: R 6:00pm-7:20pm
  • Spring Semester: TR 4:00pm-5:15pm


Audition Policy

All music majors and scholarship recipients are required to audition and be available to play in Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, or Symphony Orchestra. Consequently, all music majors and scholarship recipients are expected to keep their schedules completely conflict-free until after the audition results have been posted. Top winds, brass, and percussion players will rotate semesters between the KU Wind Ensemble and the KU Symphony Orchestra.

Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion ensemble placement auditions are held from Monday, August 21 to Thursday, August 24. Auditions are required for placement in Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Symphony Orchestra.  Audition sign-up sheets will be posted outside of the band office, 124 Murphy Hall, the week prior to auditions.  Auditions consist of the required excerpts (download below) and sight-reading.

Audition schedule by instrument. Call the Band Office at 785-864-3367 for more information.