Piano Audition Requirements — All Other Degrees

Note: Piano scholarships are awarded only to students who enroll in the four-year BM degree in piano performance.

Audition for Music Education (B.M.E.), Music Therapy (B.M.), Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A.), or Music Composition, Music Theory, Musicology (B.M. or B.A.), or Music Minor: 

  • No pre-screening is required.
  • One each of the following:
  1. Any work by Bach
  2. Any movement from a sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert
  3. Any contrasting work from the Romantic, Impressionist, or 20th/21st Century periods
  • Two of the three selections must be played from memory.

Faculty Contact: Scott McBride Smith, smcbsmith@ku.edu or 785-864-1470

Fall 2023 Audition Dates

At this timeKU School of Music will be offering live auditions on Feb. 11th and Feb. 18th, 2023 for students auditioning for Fall of 2023.  

Questions? Email musicauditions@ku.edu for more information.

The school has a live audition a priority date of March 15 for scholarship consideration. 

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