Research by KU Music Faculty

People standing in the vocology lab

Defining "Hamilton" Secret Superpowers

What is the essential quality that has made “Hamilton” one of the most successful Broadway musicals ever? That was the question Paul Laird, University of Kansas professor of musicology, and his co-author/editor, Mary Jo Lodge, associate professor of theater at Lafayette College, asked themselves.

Paul Laird

Music Therapy Interventions for Adult Cancer Care

Cindy Colwell, Director of Music Therapy, and KU alumni Jennifer Fiore published a study in support of the Orff music education approach in therapeutic settings for adult cancer patients.

A music therapy class with members playing various instruments

A Link Between Music and Math/Reading Achievement

Martin Bergee, professor of music education, and KU doctoral student Kevin Weingarten use multilevel modeling to demonstrate associations between music participation in middle school and achievement in reading and math.

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