FY22 Budgetary Procedures for the School of Music

SSC Contact Info

We make every effort to update the information below regularly. If in doubt, you can search for current School of Music SSC representatives using this tool. 

If you have trouble with your search or if you have other questions:

Lisa Shaw
Director of Finance
KU School of Music

To All School of Music Faculty and Staff

School of Music Procedures

For Invoices and Reimbursements only.
Please be sure that all documents, travel reimbursements and/or invoices have your name and contact info attached. Please scan and email them to our SSC Accountant, John Fitzgerald and copy Lisa Shaw.

Placing Orders

  • Faculty must have the approval from your Area Coordinator before placing any orders.
  • Staff must have the approval from the Director of Finance, Lisa Shaw or from Dean Walzel.

Accounting Specialist for School of Music is John Fitzgerald:
Phone: 785-864-0977
Email: jmfitz@ku.edu

Student Employment & HR Related Questions

Only those areas with a student allocation budgets, will have approval for student hires. Be sure to copy me on all request.
Contact Amy Rooney for HR related needs:
Phone: 785-864-1686
Email: arooney@ku.edu

New Travel Requirements

  1. Submit your request online via the Faculty Research Travel Support Application or Staff Travel Support Application. This does not include the Authorization for use of Enterprise Rent-a-Car.
  2. Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email from SOM. The email will state that your request has either been approved, or denied. If approved, it will state the amount of reimbursement you will receive.
  3. All reimbursable travel must be booked through the New Concur Travel System. No exceptions. You will be required to have submitted all of your travel receipts to the SSC Accountant. Please retain the SOM approval email. For you will need to attach it to your Concur travel request.
  4. Log into Concur. The first time you log in, you will need to create a profile. KU Financial Management Systems: Concur Overview
  5. Submit your travel request and be sure to attach a copy of the email you received from the SOM with your travel approval.

When you return from your travels, scan your travel reimbursement documents, and send directly to John Fitzgerald, in the SSC.

Please be sure to put your name and email address on all the documents. Submitted your receipts in a timely manner. If receipts are not received before 60 days of your return, your reimbursement will be taxable.

A traveler paying for a hotel with his or her own personal credit card CAN pre-pay for their entire hotel stay. No reimbursements will be processed until the traveler has returned, from their travels. If they are paying with a UKANS Pcard (state funds) p-card they can only pre-pay for a 1 night deposit/hold.

Enterprise Car Rental

All car rentals are now required to be booked in the CONCUR Travel System.

Renting a vehicle in an area not serviced by Enterprise Rent-a-Car or National Car Rental - contact John Fitzgerald

Travel Questions

Please Direct All Travel Related Questions to:

Lori Gutsch
Assistant Director, Travel Services
Financial Services
Carruth O'Leary

Van rental must be booked directly though Enterprise.

Please submit the Enterprise Van Rental form to Lisa Shaw, for prior approval.

Please note, the use of the University Pcard and State contract covers only those vehicles designed to carry a maximum of eight passengers, including the driver. A minivan holds eight passengers including the driver. If a vehicle designed to carry more than 8 people is needed, the university strongly recommends purchasing collision coverage.

Changes to the new Invoice Payment Form

Please use only the attached FY22 Invoice Payment Form and tax forms. The form is a two- part form, that will need to be completed by you. On the form is a link to the decision tree that has to be completed, and submitted, along with the first page of the Invoice Payment Form and tax form.

  • Any payment other than for guest lecture, editing, proofreading, student performance, participation or general labor services, must be reviewed by General Counsel, first.

Please submit your request to the Dean and please copy Lisa Shaw.

If your guest or lecturer is an international, please consult with Heather Campbell 785-864-9349 in advance. All payments to international guest will require a photocopy of a valid visa, passport and W8-BEN form.


All expenditures and/reimbursements should be sent or scanned directly to the SSC.
Contact: Amy Rooney for HR Student Hires and HR/Pay Questions: call 785-864-1686 or email arooney04@ku.edu.

Visit KU Shared Service Centers
The CPS SSC is located in Strong Hall, Rooms 50 (Finance, HR) or 345 (Research)
SSC Main Number: 785-864-4995
SSC email: cps_ssc@ku.edu

Parking Pass for Guest

Please, plan ahead. If you are in need of a garage-parking pass for your guest, let me or Terri Morris know, in advance.

Here is the info that is required to obtain a parking pass for your guest:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Vehicle color
  • Number of doors
  • License plate number and state

Additional Documents & Forms

Current tax and other KU Procurement forms can be found at: KU Procurement Services: All Forms.

School of Music Contact:

Lisa Shaw
Director of Finance
KU School of Music