Guide to Services

Band Office & Scholarships: 124 Murphy

Leslie O'Neil: All things band, room reservations, 1st floor key checkout: $25 deposit, locker checkout: fill out online form. Lockers are available to those enrolled in lessons or ensembles.

Dr. Matt Smith: Scholarship Coordinator: Scholarship management and administration in collaboration with the Dean and SOM faculty.

Communications & Events Center: 460 Murphy

Laura McCorkill: KU School of Music master calendar, Swarthout schedule, recitals scheduling, fee payment, program production Mail distribution & postage, office supplies, course evaluations, key checkout, 4th floor & 238 MUR classroom reservations, Midwestern Music Camp staff.

Computer Information & Tech Support: 144 Murphy

Todd Kitchen: Information Technology Assistance

Dean’s Office: 446 Murphy

Terri Morris: Dean’s schedule, faculty absences, Faculty searches, Promotion & Tenure, Annual faculty evaluations & peer reviews, Sabbatical applications, GTA Contracts, GRF applications, Facilities.

Lisa Shaw: Financials, Budget Planning & Projections, Payroll, HR, Purchasing, Funding Management, Crisis Management, all things travel.

Kylie Smith: Donor or fundraising questions of any kind, Gifts of tangible items, Special donor sponsored or fundraising events (ie, Collage, Vespers on the Road), Alumni events, Student Opportunity Fund.

Piano Technician: 232 Murphy

Bob Dillinger: Coordinates piano maintenance for the School of Music and across campus.

Recording: 132 Murphy & Swarthout Booth

Brock Babcock: Audio & video recording services, recital & recording monitor staffing

Recruiting: 452 Murphy

Stacy Ash: KU School of Music recruiting: Auditions, student visits, conference resources & recruitment materials, Admissions Liaison. Coordination for special events such as Jazz Festival, Midwestern Music Camp, Prairie Winds and more (i.e. Staff and visiting faculty processing, registration support, detail planning, event outreach).

Student Services

Undergraduate: 450 Murphy

Rita Riley: Undergraduate advising, Admissions (new student, transfer, change of school, re-admit), Graduation requirements & checks, Execute policies & procedures for admissions, enrollment, and graduation (at school & university levels)

Alex Schneider: School of Music Schedule of Classes, Class Permissions, Classroom Schedules and Room Reservations, Distribution Lists, Academic Catalog Updates, New Student Orientation, MEMT Student Records.

Graduate: 446 Murphy

Anna Paradis: Graduate advising, Graduate admissions (new student, transfer, re-admit), Process milestone exams, Leave of Absence, Petitions at School and University level, Graduation requirements & checks, Graduate Studies policies & procedures, enrollment, graduation, and website management.