KU School of Music Unveils State-of-the-Art Electronic Music Studio

The KU School of Music is proud to announce the grand reopening of the Electronic Music Studio, Room 412, following an extensive and much-anticipated renovation. Interim Dean Paul W. Popiel recognized the pressing need for a cutting-edge creative space tailored to the interests and ambitions of today's music students. This revitalized studio promises to revolutionize the way students engage with technology in their artistic pursuits, offering them boundless opportunities for exploration and creativity.

The Electronic Music Studio now serves a triple purpose, functioning as a spacious classroom with triple its original capacity, a versatile lab space for recording and mixing, and an immersive installation space. The studio's remarkable transformation includes a host of exciting upgrades and features:

  • 11 speaker + subwoofer system that can be used for students and faculty for sound installations.
  • Four student workstations:
    • 2 Mac M2 workstations fully equipped with 4k smart monitor, speakers, midi keyboard, microphone, soundcard, headphones and new software.
    • 2 workstations (designed for students to plug their own laptops) with 4k smart monitor, speakers, midi keyboard, microphone, soundcard, headphones.
  • 4K Samsung flatscreen TV.
  • Brand new MIDI hardware including midi keyboards, multitouch midi-pads, midi-guitar, motion trackers, guitar amp, studio monitors, QSC floor monitors, and more.
  • New microphones for recording.
  • Brand new cables and microphone stands.
  • Improved sound insulation.
  • New Music software: BBC symphony pro, Omnisphere 2, Kontakt Komplete, Max, Logic, Ableton Live.
  • Brand new tables, chairs and lockers creating a flexible teaching and installation space.

As our musical lives become ever more intertwined with computers and software, I believe it is essential for young music students to embrace the possibilities this offers to maximize their successes as musicians,” says Gulli Bjornsson,Associate Professor of the Practice of Electronic Composition. "I am very grateful for the support from Dean Popiel and I believe this exciting renovation provides an inspiring environment for students to develop new skills and to explore their creative potential.

To celebrate this milestone, we invite you to join us for the Grand Opening Event:

Date: Wednesday, October 25th, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: Murphy Hall, Room 412

At noon, Interim Dean Paul W. Popiel will deliver a formal address, sharing his vision for the studio and its transformative impact on students' artistic journeys.

Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with exciting activities within the studio:

  • "How We Are Now" Sound Installation:  Experience an immersive audio-visual installation by Carter Crosby, a recipient of the prestigious KU School of Music Jacob's Prize for and the Mattila prize for an outstanding student in electronic music at KU.
  • Student-Created Video Games: Explore video games designed by KU students from various disciplines, including computer science, design, film, and music, through an interdisciplinary collaboration spearheaded by Professors John Gibbons, Matthew Cook, Joshua Miner, and Gulli Bjornsson.
  • Interactive Music Programs: Discover engaging and interactive music computer programs designed in Max by Associate Professor of the Practice of Electronic Composition, Gulli Bjornsson.

Pizza and cookies will be provided while you explore this state-of-the-art creative hub.