Unique drum classes offer KU students new ways to feel the rhythm


Lawrence, Kansas - The University of Kansas School of Music is proud to present an extraordinary opportunity for students to embark on a rhythmic journey like never before. Introducing two captivating drum classes that are now open for enrollment: Rock Chalk Drummers and KU West African Drum Ensemble. Whether you're a seasoned drummer or new to the world of percussion, these classes promise to ignite your passion for music and rhythm.

Rock Chalk Drummers: Where U.S. Drumline Meets Global Street Beats
Class Number: PENS 252, 28317
Class Time: Wednesdays 4:00pm
Location: Room 130 Murphy Hall

This unique class offers students with U.S. drumline experience the chance to continue playing in a dynamic drumline setting while diving into the captivating universe of street drumming from around the globe. Under the guidance of expert instructors, you'll not only enhance your drumming skills but also broaden your horizons by exploring diverse cultural rhythms.

KU West African Drum Ensemble: A Journey of Rhythmic Exploration
Class Number: PENS 252, 15174
Class Time: Thursdays 7:30pm
Location: Room 118 Murphy Hall

Discover the power of global percussion with the KU West African Drum Ensemble. This ensemble has earned international recognition by winning the PASIC World Percussion Ensemble Competition in 2017. The class warmly welcomes students of all backgrounds, regardless of previous drumming experience. One of the standout features of this ensemble is its tradition of bringing internationally acclaimed guest artists to the University of Kansas every semester.

“Both of these drum ensembles focus on having a lot of fun playing drums,” says Dylan Bassett, lecturer of percussion and recent recipient of Fulbright Specialist Award. “Having a blast playing music together is how we can really perform with excellence." In these classes, you'll not only hone your drumming techniques but also forge lasting connections with fellow musicians who share your passion.