MEMT Master's Thesis Format & Submission

Review to Prepare for Final Term & Thesis Work

MEMT Students should update & review their degree progress check sheet with their faculty advisor prior to scheduling their final examination. All items must be completed and appropriately documented before a student may schedule their Master’s Final Examination.

Students should review the School of Music Exam & Graduation website to ensure they meet degree and graduation requirements.

General Requirements for Thesis

The current Graduate Studies formatting guidelines can also be found on the Graduate Studies website.

Writing Style:
Writing style must follow APA or Turabian style depending on the type of Thesis. If the information in the Graduate Studies Thesis Instructions conflicts with the APA or Turabian style, the Graduate Studies Instructions must be followed and will override the APA or Turabian regulations. In all other areas, the APA or Turabian guidelines must be followed.

Paper Requirement (for printed and bound Thesis):
8 1/2 x 11 inch – White - Acid-free - Weight of 20#, 24#, or 28# bond are the norm (not restricted) with - Rag content of 25% with watermark (hold the paper to light to see). The paper must have no discernible background pattern.

If you do not supply the paper to the bindery you may use what they have available as long as it is 8 ½ x 11 inches, white, acid-free, watermarked, and has no discernible background pattern.

Unacceptable paper: Recycled - Erasable bond - Patterned

Copyright is not required but is highly encouraged. If at a later date a student wants to substantiate a copyright claim, registration of copyright is a prerequisite to legal action.

Read over the information on the embargo on the Graduate Studies website. Typically, MEMT students do not elect to embargo their documents. Talk it over with your committee chair regarding instituting an Embargo on your document if you still have questions.

Title & Acceptance Pages:
Original signatures are required on the title pages and acceptance pages. Take the prepared title pages (only) to the defense/exam so that the committee can sign them all at that time if possible. The student will obtain original signatures from the committee chair on the acceptance pages once the document has been approved for electronic submission.

Retain the signed original title pages and acceptance pages for safekeeping personally until all is in order to submit the required pages to arrange for the hard binding of the MEMT and personal Thesis copies. A scanned copy should be sent to as part of your degree requirement checklist. 

Hardbound Thesis Copy:
The hardbound thesis must be submitted as soon as possible after the electronic submission confirmation email has been received. Department receipt of the hardbound MEMT thesis copy does not have to meet the “last day to meet all degree requirements date”.

  1. Students may use any bindery. Please try to include the thesis title, author’s name, and year on the spine and front cover of the bound MEMT thesis copy. This bound copy must meet the same formatting specifications as the copy submitted electronically through ETD in addition to the criteria shown in this document.
  2. Students must submit the required bound thesis copy (to fulfill partial degree requirements of Music Education and Music Therapy) to the MEMT Office. This copy must be a clean, clear copy with original signed acceptance and title pages on the special acid free white paper. Submission is done as quickly as possible upon acceptance of the electronic version by SOM Graduate Student Services.
  3. As a courtesy, ask your major professor if they would like a hardbound copy of your thesis.

Note to MEMT 898 Master's Final Exam Instructor: Please submit a grade or change of grade as quickly as possible upon signing the exam authorization form documenting the completion of the Final Master's Examination. The instructor may assign a grade online for the current term once the grade rosters are available for use and a past term immediately. Anytime online submission of a grade is not available, a paper change of grade may be done.