Application for Admission to the Music Education Professional Sequence

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Effective October 2021

The Music Education Professional Sequence is comprised of the following upper division courses in the Music Education curriculum:

  • MEMT 330 Reh/Cond Cl: Band
  • MEMT 331 Reh/Cond Cl: Choral
  • MEMT 332 Reh/Cond Cl: Orch
  • MEMT 350 Adv. Reh/Cond Cl: Band OR MEMT 351 Adv Reh/Cond Cl: Chor OR MEMT 352 Adv. Reh/Cond Cl: Orch
  • MEMT 407 Excptnl Child in ME
  • MEMT 408 Vocal Pedagogy
  • MEMT 420 Tch Elem & Sec Gen Mu
  • MEMT 421 Adv. Gen. Music Teaching OR MEMT 431 Chl Diction for MuEdctrs OR MEMT 432 Apprchs to String Ped OR MEMT 435 Mrching Band Tech
  • MEMT 450 Tchng Choral Music
  • MEMT 451 Tchng Instrumental Mus
  • MEMT 455 Psychology of Music
  • MEMT 498 Student Teaching*
  • MEMT 499 Internship in Tchng Music*
  • C&T 359 Literacy in the Content Areas
  • SPED 326 Tchg Excpt Chld & Yth
  • Upper-division MEMT elective classes as listed on the degree requirement check sheet

*Students cannot enroll in MEMT 498 & 499 until all other coursework is completed satisfactorily and have received approval from Dr. Jacob Dakon.

Each music education student must apply by the first Monday in February of the second year in the program for entrance into the Professional Sequence.

The Professional Sequence application asks students to indicate whether they have been convicted of a felony or a crime involving theft, drugs, or a child. The Kansas State Board of Education considers such matters in granting teacher licensure. Students are also asked to sign the Professional Disposition Assessment for Teacher Education Candidates Acknowledgement Document, indicating that they have read and understood that their professional dispositions will be assessed regularly during their professional coursework and field experiences.

No student may be admitted into the Professional Sequence for a semester during which they will be on academic probation.  Students who have not achieved admission are not allowed to enroll in Professional Sequence coursework.

Requirements for admission to the Professional Sequence include

  1. a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.00 or higher.
  2. grades of C or better in Math 101, English 101, and English 102 or their equivalents.
  3. satisfactory completion of “Criteria for Admission” courses.
  4. a one-page essay (12-point font, double-spaced) that responds to the following question: As a music educator in your first year of teaching,reflect on how your music program could impact the community at large.
  5. a fully completed application form and associated essay (see no. 4) must be submitted to electronically as email attachments to Dr. Martin Bergee,  

Students who have been denied admission to the Professional Sequence may reapply but must submit a new application.

Criteria for Admission to the Music Education Professional Sequence

Each of the following courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

  • ENGL 101 Composition (or equivalent) (3)
  • ENGL 102 Critical Reading and Writing (or equivalent) (3)
  • MATH 101 College Algebra (or equivalent) (3)

In addition, music education students must complete each of the following courses with a grade of C or better except for studio lessons, REC 100 Laboratory in Music Performance, and MTHC 315 Music Theory IV.  Studio lessons must be completed with a grade of B- or better.  REC100 must be completed with a grade of S, and MTHC 315 must be completed with a passing grade. 

____ 121 Studio Lessons in Major Performance Medium4 (2 semesters @ 2 credits each; B- or better)
____ 221 Studio Lessons in Major Performance Medium2 (1 semester @ 2 credits; B- or better)
____ ___ Ensemble (Band/Orchestra/Choral)3 (3 semesters @ 1 credit each)
MEMT 113 Performance Media: Brass1
MEMT 114 Performance Media: Woodwinds1
MEMT 115 Performance Media: Percussion1
MEMT 118 Performance Media: Strings1
MEMT 160 Principles of Music Education1
MEMT 230 Performance Clinic: Band1
MEMT 231 Performance Clinic: Choral1
MEMT 232 Performance Clinic: Orchestra1
MEMT 246 Fundamentals of Conducting1
MEMT 250 Human Musical Learning & Development2
MTHC 315 Music Theory IV4 (requires a passing grade)
MUSC 320 Music History I3
PIAN 284 or equivalent (eligibility for PIAN 288)2
REC 100 Lab in Music Performance0 (2 semesters @ 0 credits, graded S)